Providing mental health and wellness coaching for children, teens, adults, couples, and families.

Interpersonal Relations and Dynamics:

Relationship and Family Issues
Dating Issues
Marriage and Divorce
Unhealthy Friendships
Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
Commitment and Trust Issues

Emotional and Mental Well-being:

Stress, Anger, and Anxiety
Rejection, Betrayal, and Neglect
Hopelessness and Loneliness
Mental Frustrations
Negative Thoughts and Feelings
Sadness and Emptiness

Specialized Challenges and Solutions:

Dependency and Codependency
Behavioral Issues
Emotion Regulation
Parenting Issues
Work, School, and Career Issues

Self-love and Acceptance:

Self Esteem and Insecurity
Acceptance and Forgiveness
Mindfulness and Grounding
Shame, Guilt, Regret, and Resentment
Social and Life Skills 

Complex Emotional Issues:

Grief and Loss
Manipulation and Gaslighting
Shame, Guilt, Regret, and Resentment

Holistic Wellness and Balance:

Relaxation and Grounding
Sleep Health
Mind-Body Connection
Nutrition and Physical Health
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“Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life…” -Akshay Dubey

Practiced Areas:

Providing children, teens, adults, couples, and families mental health & wellness coaching.

Relationship & Family Issues


Stress, Anger, & Anxiety

Rejection, Betrayal & Neglect

Dependency & Codependency

Bad Habits

Life Transitions, Challenges, & Obstacles

Phobias & Fears

Existential Thoughts

Marriage & Divorce

Behavioral Issues

Hopelessness & Loneliness

Bullying & Cyberbullying

Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving

Mental Frustrations

Parenting Issues


Personal Goals

Increase Productivity


Grief & Loss

Midlife Crisis & Aging

Manipulation & Gaslighting

Work, School, & Career Issues

Self Esteem & Insecurity Issues

Negative Thoughts & Feelings

Body Positivity

Gender & Sexuality


Acceptance & Forgiveness

Mindfulness & Grounding

Shame, Guilt, Hate, Regret & Resentment 

Social & Life Skills

Commitment & Trust Issues

Budgeting & Finances

Discovering Life Purpose

Social Media Addiction

Sadness & Emptiness


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